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Buying a Vehicle in a Tight Economy

With the state of the current economy, so many people are living on a tight budget. They are cutting down on their expenses and spending their money on the most essential items. But in a situation where your car develops major issues, you may find yourself in a big dilemma to either fix or replace […]

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Mistakes People Make When Buying a Personal Watercraft

Buying a personal watercraft can feel a lot like buying a new house or a new car; there is a lot of excitement in the air and you just can’t wait to complete the purchase and take your newest toy for a ride. But it is important that you keep your emotions in check so […]

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Should I Buy, Lease or Rent a Car for Uber and Lyft

Ideally, if you want to work for any ridesharing company it is expected that you own your own vehicle. But there are instances where willing drivers don’t have their own cars or their cars don’t qualify for these ridesharing services, forcing them to either buy, lease, or rent. Unfortunately, this can set you back a […]

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