Our Bike is flying to Montreal…and we raised how much!?

We are proud to announce that Redline Harley-Davidson has made it to the final 6 in the Ultimate Street Battle. The bike will travel to Montreal to be displayed at the Crescent Street Grand Prix Festival from June 4-6.  In order for Redline Harley-Davidson’s bike to be crowned King of the streets, we need your […]

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Customize your riding experience

Now that you’ve made the decision to ride, it’s time to choose a bike. Get smart and create a shortlist of what you like. Harley-Davidson has something for everyone. Some things to keep in mind: Don’t overestimate your ability – make sure you get a bike with as much power as you’ll be able to […]

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Get Started!

There are so many excuses for not riding a bike, “My other half won’t let me,” “I won’t be good at it,” “I should have started earlier.” The main one we hear is “I don’t know where to start.” Our answer to that is, if you’re here, you’re on your way. Now take the next […]

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