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The Future Is Coming — Can You Handle Autonomous Vehicles?

The idea of autonomous vehicles has been popping up in popular culture for years and they’re easily recognized as the car of the future. But are we really ready for it? A recent study, conducted by the London School of Economics and Goodyear, polled 12,000 drivers in 11 countries and found that only about 26% […]

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Six of the Best Places to Sled in Canada

With winter on it’s way (or having already arrived, depending on where you live), it’s time to start thinking about your winter holidays. While warm weather and surf may be an alluring vacation idea, don’t knock a good day of snow and sunshine. In fact, with Canadians buying nearly one-third of the 151,000 snowmobiles sold […]

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Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

Despite the weatherman’s best efforts, the first snowfall of the season always seems to come as a shock to drivers across the country. It’s like we all forgot how to drive in the snow while we were busy enjoying the summer sunshine. Now, as we start to see snowfall showing up in forecasts from coast-to-coast, […]

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