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75 Years Young: A Brief History of the Jeep

The Jeep — associated with off-roading and rugged terrains around the world — is the ultimate utility vehicle and this year, it’s turning 75. While the origins of the name “Jeep” are a bit unclear, the car itself busted on to the scene in 1941 when the iconic Willys MB rolled out of a factory in Ohio (where Jeep […]

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Are Winter Tires the Right Choice for You?

The leaves changing colour and the chill in the morning air can only mean one thing — winter is coming. For many people across Canada, getting ready for the cold and snow includes getting winter tires put on their vehicles. But are winter tires really the best way to go? What about all-season tires? Here’s some info […]

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Breaking Bad Habits Behind the Wheel

Let’s face the facts — we’re all guilty of at least one bad habit when we’re behind the wheel. In fact, a 2015 study from the Ontario insurance company Kanetix found that nearly 75 per cent of all drivers admitted to some kind of bad habit. The good news is that most of these bad habits are […]

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