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What The Heck Is The Difference Between A Recall And A Technical Service Bulletin?

What is the difference between a technical service bulletin and a recall notice? Both are important, but what do they mean for you as a vehicle owner? Here’s a simple breakdown between the two: Technical Service Bulletins Once a car has a few years of real-world road use under its belt, there can be a […]

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Riding in the Rockies: some of the best motorcycle trips in Canada

Summer may be winding down but there’s still time to hit the open road. If you’re thinking that you need to pack your bags and get out on your bike, we’d recommend heading west, where the winding roads of the great Canadian Rockies offer some of the best motorcycle trips in the country. Here are […]

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Making Things Gassy: Regular vs. Premium

We’ve all been there — standing at the gas pump, looking at the fuelling options and thinking to ourselves, “maybe this time, I’ll go premium.” Sometimes you might actually go for the higher octane, thinking it’s a good way to help keep the engine clean, or that you’re getting better mileage per gallon. But is that really […]

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