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Four Essential Tips for Solo Motorbike Touring

Taking your first solo trip on your motorcycle is something that’s hard to describe, but for many riders, it’s a rite of passage. Hitting the open road, leaving the world behind you and seeking adventure is part of the joy of owning a bike. So if you’re thinking of taking your bike out into the […]

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Five ATV Safety Tips You Need to Know

Canada is known for its vast forests and beautiful natural landscapes — all of which can be perfect for taking your ATV out for an adventure. Riders often talk about running into incredible wildlife and getting access to some spectacular views. But every year, riders are involved in tragic accidents with devastating results, including death. Here are […]

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Volkswagen Centre of Saskatoon’s Tilden Siegel achieves Master Technician Status

We’re very proud to announce that Tilden Siegel, one of our Certified Volkswagen Technicians, recently achieved the prestigious Volkswagen Master Technician designation. Reaching the highest level of Volkswagen Certification doesn’t come without tremendous dedication and effort; Tilden endured hundreds of hours of training and succeeded in his final evaluations. His course load totals more than […]

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