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Winterize Your Vehicle

It’s (Sadly) Time to Winterize Your Summer Toys

We always hate to admit it, but when it gets cold enough out that it’s deemed “hoodie weather” the sad truth is that our summer fun has passed us by for another year. Whether it’s your car, bike, boat, trailer or any other summer toy, the time has likely come to pack them up and put them away for the winter.

Unlike the kid’s toys, you can’t just shove your summer toys into a pile in the garage to pull-out and dust off come spring time. It takes a little preparation, sometimes from the professionals, to keep these units in tip-top shape. So take the time now, so you don’t miss a moment of the season when the weather turns again.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you get your summer possessions ready for storage.

Cars and Motorcycles

  • You’ll want to start by performing an oil change and topping up all fluids
  • Fill your tank with gas, adding fuel stabilizers to avoid depletion and condensation
  • Inflate your tires to the recommended PSI to prevent them from flattening from lack of use
  • Clean your car or bike, inside and out, the best you can. This is the greatest prevention for rust or corrosion. If there’s stains on any of the upholstery, remove them now as well or risk having the stain become permanent
  • Vehicle batteries kept in the cold can freeze or crack, so you’ll want to disconnect the battery, as well as turn off the alarm and store it in a warm, dry place
  • Put on your vehicle cover, with all compartments securely fastened. For extra protection, consider using an interior car jacket
  • After you’ve done everything to store your vehicle, do not start it up again. This can add moisture build up in the engine, especially if it doesn’t get the chance to warm up to operating temperature

Boats, Engines and Personal Watercraft

  • There are a lot of variations on how to winterize your watercrafts depending on the models, type, the power, etc. An incorrectly winterized engine can become severely damaged and potentially ruined by leftover water
  • Fill the gas tank and treat it with a good fuel stabilizer. Despite what the instructions may say, double the dosage to ensure the fuel supply is completely treated. Run the engine for at least half hour to ensure the treated fuel gets from the tank into the engine
  • For two-stroke engines, spray engine tuner into the intake while the engine is running. This will help break down hard carbon deposits on the pistons, rings and cylinder heads
  • Use quality engine fogging oil to fog the engine
  • Drain out the old gear lubricant from the gear case/drive unit. If the old lube you removed is black and smelly or milky, brownish with water in it, resolve the left behind residue before you put in new lube.
  • For inboard motors, four-stroke outboard motors, stern drives and personal watercrafts, you’ll want to change the engine oil and filter
  • Grease your fittings, such as the steering
  • Remove propeller(s) and if damaged, send out to be repaired over the winter
  • Store outboards with the engine in its running position to ensure leftover water in the gear case has a chance to drain
  • Tape the exhaust outlets shut to prevent pests from entering and making your vehicle their hibernating spot
  • Disconnect your battery and store it in a warm, dry location with trickle charger installed
  • Wash your watercraft, inside and out, and add a protective finish wax for extra coverage
  • Use a ventilated cover for the watercraft to prevent moisture from becoming trapped

Trailer Units

  • Perform maintenance on the unit (repack wheel bearings, wiring, check/repair lights, check/replace winch strap, rotten bunk boards/covering, etc.)
  • Lubricate your pivot points (tongue jack, coupler, etc.)
  • If you can, jack up the axle and block so tires are off the ground to reduce the chance of flat spotting and rot
  • If possible, remove wheels and tires and store them inside

If you’re not of the handy variety, ensure you consult your dealer, such as FFUN Motor Sports or a local pro to help you to ensure you don’t miss a costly step. The last thing you want to run into is a cracked block, drive housing or clogged carburetors and their costly repair bills come springtime. Though it’s never fun to put away these toys for the winter, it’s all but necessary to keep your car, bike, boat, trailer and more, lasting for years to come. Take the time now and you can enjoy the ride the minute the snow melts next year.

Hyundai Service Competition

Endless Opportunities – One Service Advisor’s Journey from Saskatoon to South Korea

The automotive industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Sure, that can make business difficult, but it also comes with some huge positives – innovation, focus, and ultimately; improving customer service. This competition exists well beyond selling vehicles at one dealership versus another, it exists internally as dealerships and their staff push themselves to be better, every day.

Cue the story of Spencer Boyenko, a 23-year-old Service Advisor at FFUN Motor Group’s Saskatoon North Hyundai location. Growing up on a farm in Vonda, Saskatchewan, 30 minutes outside of Saskatoon, Spencer was an outgoing kid, but wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself after graduating high school. After dabbling in a couple of odd jobs, he applied as a Wash Bay, Service Drive-Through Tech at Kia of Saskatoon. Showing initiative and raising his hand as looking for more, Spencer was promoted to an Advisor at our North Hyundai location. With the help of FFUN’s training programs, a lot of hard work and guidance from some senior staff, in just two short years, Spencer began to stand-out from the crowd with customer service scores well above average.Hyundai Canada Headquarters

Last month, his accomplishments garnered him a recommendation from Hyundai’s Zone Manager to submit an application to take part in the 2018 Hyundai National Customer Experience Championship. (Yes, there is a championship for service advisors. We told you we’re competitive!). After completing numerous training courses and passing three exams, Spencer was notified he was one of twelve people across Canada – and the only advisor from Saskatchewan and Manitoba – to be chosen to compete at the event in Markham, Ontario.

Spencer boarded a plane for the 3-day event with no idea what to expect. Placed amongst the twelve other contestants, most double his age, he knew he was in for some tough competition. The goal of this contest is to get Hyundai brand representatives to deliver the best customer service in the automotive field. The first days consisted of training modules, with each attendee sharing their own experiences, tips and tricks on dealing with customers and difficult situations. The final day, the testing began, including numerous customer role playing scenarios where you were required to ask the right questions, spark the problems and kindly deal with all customer requests. Once all contestants had completed their scenarios, they gathered around a screen where the results were announced. Low and behold, Spencer’s name appeared on the screen, along with an advisor from Quebec, Frederic Blais, as the National winners. It was announced that the two of them would be heading to South Korea in November to see the Hyundai plant and compete against 30 other countries as Canada’s representatives at the 2018 Hyundai Global Customer Experience Championship.

This is an incredible accomplishment by Spencer. We are very proud of his efforts and look forward to seeing him bring home another championship. But everyone was wondering, how in the world did he accomplish this feat at such a young age?

His response “I started working here fresh, with no preconceived notions of the industry. The FFUN Motor Group has provided me outstanding training around process, how to handle customers and objections. I’ve also had some tremendous mentors and learned directly from their success. I came in to this job with an open mind, determined to grow and have been given every opportunity to continue forward, improve and impress.”

Spencer is wise beyond his years and incredibly personable, which makes his customers feel so at ease. He attributes this to the household he grew up in. This is also how he grew into his love of cars, but that’s not his only pastime, “I also love to play video games”. Yep, the competitive spirit never ends.


The Ultimate Winter Driving Question. Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires vs. All-Wheel Drive?

It’s almost winter, and how you prepare for it, especially driving, can make a big difference. Some people will tell you, if you have all-wheel drive you don’t need winter tires. And others will tell you if you have winter tires you don’t need all-wheel drive. The truth is, neither are correct, because when it comes to winter driving, the more grip you can get on the roads, the better.

The tire industry invented the idea of the all-season tires a number of years ago and people took that as they don’t have to buy anything extra for winter. The truth is, all-season tires state M+S (mud and snow) on the side, but really don’t hold up to ice and snow. This really makes them three-season tires, a term you’re starting to hear the past couple years.


A lot of all-season tires are also promoted as being long-lasting – up to 130,000 kilometres. To have that kind of tread life and improve fuel economy, the rubber has to be harder. When the temperature gets below 7 degrees Celsius they become even more firm and brittle, essentially becoming hockey pucks that shoot across the ice. Great in the arena, not great on a busy highway.

Most people don’t realize that tires are the single most important safety feature on any vehicle. Your tires provide the only connection between your car and the road, and life-saving technologies like antilock brakes and electronic stability control cannot do their job if the tires don’t have a good grip on the pavement. Winter tires could actually be called, cold weather tires. The tread stays soft and their bigger blocks of rubber are able to more effectively grip the ice, slush or whatever conditions you’re driving through. Thus, bringing you up to speed quicker and helping you stop quicker as well.

In Consumer Reports tests, winter tires stopped six feet shorter, on average, than all-seasons on ice. And winter tires required a shorter distance – 22 feet less than all-seasons – to accelerate from 8 to 32 km/h on moderately packed snow.

All-wheel drive doesn’t make a difference in stopping either – in fact, heavier all-wheel-drive vehicles can take even longer than a two-wheel-drive vehicle to stop on all-seasons. At the end of the day, all-wheel drive, though great, is a performance feature, not a safety feature, and it has nothing to do with braking and cornering. With all-wheel drive you can accelerate pretty good on snow from a stoplight, but when you have to stop, physics always wins.

So should you buy winter tires? Absolutely. Especially if you have an all-wheel drive vehicle. Take that available grip and spread it to all four corners for acceleration, and when it’s time to brake and steer, your winter tires will really excel and could just save you from an emergency situation.

The magic time for winter tires is when the temperature hits 7 degrees Celsius. That’s when the performance of tire varieties really starts to take shape. This tends to be in October, but in Saskatoon, Edmonton or anywhere in Canada for that matter, that’s never a given. To ensure you’re ready for the first snowfall, avoid lineups and get the full selection of tire options, now is the time to start your search. That search should begin at the FFUN Motor Group tire headquarters, Shop online and get the best savings and benefits in the Saskatchewan market today.

Atlas Family

My VW Story – Opening Up an Atlas

Buying a car isn’t fun. That was always my thought. Who wants to deal with the stress of haggling tooth and nail for the second largest purchase of your life. That’s likely why I kept my last vehicle for 10 years. When you buy a house, most people go into it armed with an information and the support system in the form of a Realtor. When you buy a car, you research online for 15 hours so that when you step into a dealership you don’t get taken advantage of as much as you would have otherwise. Again, at least that’s what people think.

I was recently looking to buy a new vehicle for my wife to drive, and fit our growing family. Two kids (soon to be three) and two dogs (a rather large Goldendoodle and a lapdog Boston Terrier that needs his own seat). Logically the first step was the same as anyone researching, hit the internet. So we searched and searched some more, specifically for 7-seater vehicles. More room was determined as our number one factor. We greatly considered the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Kia Sorrento and potentially the Acura MDX, but at the end of the day we settled on the new Volkswagen Atlas. The selling features that got us were the no-touch lift gate, heated and cooled seats, and the captain’s chairs for the second row. What we weren’t sure of at the time was what trim level would cover each of these features.

Humans are innately terrible at making up our minds. Buying a vehicle amplifies that. In fact, we made Chris, RJ, Jay and the gang at VW Centre of Saskatoon really work for the sale. I reached out on a Friday in May, asking if I could take an Atlas for a weekend test drive. Graciously the team at Volkswagen Saskatoon obliged and had the unit ready for me to pick-up first thing Saturday morning. The vehicle we took only had a bench seat as the second row, and we realized that’s actually all we needed. It drove smooth and was extremely roomy, enough the kids can’t even kick your seat. But at the same time, it didn’t feel like you’re driving a tank. A really important feature for my wife who didn’t want to have an anxiety attack anytime she had to park, especially in the garage. We finished the test drive that weekend and told the guys we needed time to think it over.

At that point life took over. Next thing you knew it was Father’s Day, then we headed on a trip for Canada Day and we were steamrolling through July. Throughout the process we received regular check-ins from VW Centre of Saskatoon, exclusively through email, my desired mode of contact. They asked how the family was doing, where are heads were at and if they could help us with anything. Never intrusive, never overstepping their bounds. And each time they reached out it reinvigorated our search and prompted us to ask new questions. How much would this feature be to add? I don’t think we actually need the captain’s chairs anymore. And on and on.

Atlas RLine

Atlas RLine

That’s when we heard about Volkswagen’s new sporty RLine package, a delayed production addition for the Atlas that really enhanced the look of the vehicle. Adding in fancier 20-inch rims, meaner air intakes for the front bumper and really just making the vehicle appear more in-line with the luxury SUV models. Except with, you know, still having the interior built for the spills, bumps and bruises of a growing family. We were sold. And when we called the dealership, what do you know, they were getting their first shipment of RLine models in that weekend. Oddly enough, the financing side of things was the easiest part. It’s like a choose your own adventure. Do you want extended warranty? You decide, it comes standard with four years coverage. How about tire and rim protection? Yeah, we’ll take that, our Saskatchewan streets aren’t really built for longevity. And that same day we put down our payment, swapped the plates on our trade-in and drove home with the new ride. We were off on a road trip 8:00am the next day and now our only vehicle worry is where do we take it next.

What does this all tell you? Buying a vehicle can be easy. It can be fun. And you don’t have to feel pressured to make a decision until you’re ready. So basically the opposite of everything you fear . The biggest decision you need to make? Make sure you’re buying from the right people, that’s what we found in the FFUN Motor Group and the VW Centre of Saskatoon.

Genesis, Hyundai and Kia top the J.D. Power Quality Rankings for the First Time

Korean quality, that’s the name of the game in J.D. Power’s latest annual Initial Quality Study. Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury brand, topped the annual U.S. report card for 2018 new vehicle quality for the first-time ever. Their renewed focus on giving customers exactly what they want and avoiding operator confusion by not making the vehicles too complicated is at the heart of their first-place ranking. They are followed in the rankings by Kia, who had led this study the past two years, and Hyundai taking third place. This is the first time South Korea’s three main automotive brands have led these survey results.

J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study measures the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100) during the first 90 days of ownership, with a focus on vehicle exterior, interior, safety, performance and other criteria. For 2018, Genesis ranks highest in initial quality with a score of 68 PP100, followed by Kia (72) and Hyundai (74). The Korean trio have taken over from the longtime Japanese leaders, Toyota and Honda, who ranked below the industry average for 2018.

JD Power Initial Quality Ranking 2018

Overall, new-vehicle quality has increased for the fourth consecutive year and has reached its best level ever. The area where car companies have made the biggest improvement is vehicle exterior, specifically around less wind noise and fewer paint imperfections. Electronics and infotainment system technology remain the most problematic category for new vehicle owners. However, the improvement of built-in voice recognition systems, has increased their scores in recent years. Safety continues to be a concern as well. Despite the level of problems being low, these types of issues have been increasing by about 20% annually for the past three years.

In addition to offering the top three brands, the FFUN Group sported nine segment winners. If you’re looking for quality in your next new vehicle, each of these models are worth a look.

Small car: Kia Rio

Small premium car: Acura ILX

Midsize sporty car: Ford Mustang

Large premium car: Genesis G90

Minivan: Dodge Grand Caravan

Small SUV: Hyundai Tucson

Midsize SUV: Kia Sorento

Large SUV: Ford Expedition

Large heavy-duty pickup: Ford Super Duty (tie)

J.D. Power said the study is based on responses from 75,712 buyers and lessees of new 2018 model-year vehicles. The study was conducted from February through May.

DriveNation Abbotsford Team

BC Bound, DriveNation Continues its Expansion Across Western Canada

SASKATOON, SK, JULY 12, 2018 – The economic climate has created a lot of uncertainty in the automotive sector as of late, but one point of consistency is the continued growth of DriveNation, one of Canada’s fastest growing automotive dealerships.

Solely focused on used cars, DriveNation’s humble beginnings in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan are a distant memory, as they have announced they are opening their eighth location, DriveNation Abbotsford, their first in the province of British Columbia.

“People weren’t created to stay in one place,” says Neil Irvine, Vice President of Operations for DriveNation. “Regardless of the economy, your credit situation, or frankly your background, we help get people into a quality vehicle that they can trust will get them to their next destination. We do this by providing a set of benefits that alleviate any concern of buying a dud, something most people fear when looking at a used vehicle.”

DriveNation was established in 2012 to fill an unmet need in the automotive market. Delivering a used car buying experience that puts customers at ease and provides access to credit in minutes, regardless of financial situation. With the biggest used vehicle sourcing network in Canada, backed by quality standards such as free history reports, 90 day/3,000 kilometer warranty and 7-day exchange, they are confident in supplying the best used vehicles on the market. It’s this reason DriveNation has become the go-to place for cars and credit in Saskatchewan in just a few short years and has since branched out to Alberta and now BC, bringing even more people closer to acquiring the vehicle of their dreams.

Moving back to her home province of B.C. has always been the dream for Amber Seguin, the General Manager for DriveNation’s new location in Abbotsford. “I’ve been with DriveNation since their inception,” notes Seguin. “The experience in buying a vehicle with us is so much different than other dealerships. We don’t have commission sales staff, so we don’t have that extreme high-pressure atmosphere. It allows the process to be much more comfortable for both the customer and our sales team, who can actually focus on getting the right vehicle for you, not the one that will pay them the most.”

Soft opening its doors on July 7th the Abbotsford dealership is situated across from the Sevenoaks Shopping Centre at 32835 S Fraser Way. Open Monday through Sunday, the store features ample parking onsite, a large showroom entrance and will soon facilitate its own parts and service area. Coupled with a strong online presence, DriveNation allows its customers to shop in comfort, and at their own pace throughout the buying process, culminating in that visit to see the 60 plus vehicles on the lot.

“Our business model works and scales so easily because it’s all about doing right by our customers,” says Irvine. “I’ve seen firsthand the difference we’ve made in people’s lives that never thought they could afford a vehicle. Our competitively-priced, low mileage vehicles, combined with our quick and simple online retail process will be a great new alternative for car buyers in Abbotsford and surrounding area.”

DriveNation has put over 10,000 Canadians behind the wheel of their new car, truck, van or SUV. With programs dedicated to those new to Canada, with no credit and those who need their credit rebuilt, they have become Canada’s most trusted used car dealership.

“I missed the beautiful scenery and people of this province but being a part of a group that is changing the way people think about used automotive dealerships has given me the opportunity to come back here and truly make a difference,” adds Seguin. “We’re going to have a lot of fun and bring out a ton of smiles in this community. I’m really excited to get started.”

– ### –

About DriveNation

Since 2012, DriveNation has been building Canada’s largest used car dealership network. Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, DriveNation operates eight dealerships nationwide. Built around a strong core of amazing benefits, their goal is to get customers in the exact used car, truck, van or SUV that fits their needs, regardless of credit situation. Experts in used car loans, DriveNation has financed tens of thousands of people across the country. With flexible finance options, approvals in minutes and a selection of hundreds of vehicles to choose from, they deliver the easiest vehicle buying experience available today. Don’t settle for anything less than full transparency, great service and a vehicle you can count on. DriveNation. The Best Way to Buy a Used Car. Ever. DriveNation is a division of the FFUN Group, one of the country’s fastest growing and Canada’s Best Managed companies. To learn more about them, visit

Genesis Logo

The Genesis Experience. A New Way to Buy a Car on the Prairies.

FFUN Motor Group Opens Saskatchewan’s Only Genesis Dealership

MONDAY, JULY 9, 2018 – SASKATOON, SK — They’re at it again! The FFUN Motor Group announces its newest addition to the family. The Genesis Experience.

It was 10 years ago that the Hyundai Genesis first burst onto the scene as an option for consumers looking for a budget friendly, luxury sedan. Created for a generation of discerning consumers, in recent years, Genesis evolved into a stand-alone brand and is now exclusively available to Saskatchewan consumers through the FFUN Motor Group.

Genesis Saskatoon is the only Genesis dealer in all of Saskatchewan. Bringing customers easy access to the 2019 Genesis G70, G80, and G90 models. The brand is the perfect blend of luxury and performance, featuring the highest standard of design and innovation.

“We’re incredibly excited to be the first and only dealer of this brand in the province,” notes Rob Weber. VP of Operations, Auto Division, of the FFUN Motor Group. “The FFUN Genesis Dealership operates out of our one-year old Saskatoon South Hyundai GDSI build. It’s a beautiful dealership, and your first stop upon entering the south Saskatoon Auto Mall. It’s state of the art showroom is the perfect backdrop to see this one of a kind vehicle experience.”

Even more unique than the building and product itself is the buying process the Genesis brand presents to consumers. They’re pioneering a new approach that involves online sales and transactions that take place at the customer’s convenience. “The pre-conceived notions of how you need to buy a car, visiting 4 or 5 dealerships, are a thing of the past,” says Mark Loeppky, CEO of the FFUN Group. “Genesis is focused on reinventing the shopping experience by eliminating the chore of it all. Test Drive. Purchase. Maintenance. We come to you.”

The experience starts at your front door. Schedule a product demonstration at your house or office.  Design and price your dream car from the comfort of your home, get a trade-in value, and get at-home delivery of the newest addition to your garage.

Genesis dealers have also launched the Genesis at Home service. To book service and maintenance appointments, you simply contact Genesis at Home and your vehicle is picked up at the location of your choice. You’re even provided a Genesis courtesy vehicle while your Genesis is being serviced.

To ensure this buying experience is maintained at all times, each store has a designated Genesis Experience Manager, specifically trained out-of-market to ensure all processes are followed, every time. This creates a no-pressure sales environment in which the cars are able to truly speak for themselves.

The newly available Genesis models compete with the world’s most renowned luxury car brands, such as the BMW 3 series, Mercedes C class and the Audi A4. While all four Genesis models are extraordinary, each has their own benefit. The G70 speaks louder than words, winning the 2018 iF Design Award for its athletically elegant design with prestigious proportions and precision craftsmanship. While the G80 and G90 both claimed a 2018 IIHS Top Safety Pick Award, proving beyond just style, the Genesis also carries one of the best overall performances for crash prevention and protection.
“Award winning luxury vehicles, and a buying process designed for your personal pace and lifestyle,” adds Loeppky. “Genesis will be a force to be reckoned with in the luxury class that you need to experience yourself.”

Demo models are currently available on-site. Genesis Saskatoon can be found at 827 Melville Street, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan or online at

Tips for Making 2017 a Good Year for You and Your Car

Along with going to the gym more frequently and eating more vegetables, we are going to challenge you to make a resolution about how you take care of your car. There are several achievable habits you can form that will help keep your car on the road for a longer time, help reduce your carbon footprint, and ensure every road trip is a great one.

Keep it Clean, Keep it Tidy

Keeping your car’s interior clean will help increase resale value. For many, however, this is a challenging task. The trick is to make it less daunting by ensuring there is a place for garbage, keeping wipes in the vehicle, and scheduling a half-hour each week to clean out the car. It’s also good to get in the habit of cleaning out the trunk once per season and to stop lugging around out-of-season sporting gear — or other items that are weighing you down. By removing that extra weight, you’re also gaining back some fuel economy.

Schedule Your Check-ups

Just like going to see the dentist, your car needs to see a mechanic on a regular basis. A mechanic knows what to look for and can identify any problems before they become major issues. Plus, it’s good to get your oil changed and your tires rotated twice a year. If scheduling these check-ups is something you struggle with, do it in one swoop. Call your mechanic and make the appointments now, add them into your calendar, and it’s done.

Try Being More Patient on the Road

Road rage is an awful thing and doesn’t help a single situation on the road. In fact, the more stressed out you are the more likely you are to be involved in an accident. So do your best to avoid putting yourself in the situation where you’re going to get mad behind the wheel. Leave a few minutes early to avoid feeling rushed and try listening to something that calms you down.

Make it a Safe and Happy Holiday!

At FFUN Motor Group, we want to make sure that all of our friends and family have a safe and happy holiday. So if you’re out celebrating the holidays and have had a bit too much cheer, play it safe and leave the car where it is. There’s always an option for getting home in one piece. Here are some options for you:

Take a Taxi

Lots of people complain about the price of a cab these days, and yeah, sometimes it can get costly. But really, when you stop to think about it, what price would you put on your life? A few extra bucks to make sure you make it home without a scratch is totally worth it.

Zero 8

Found in both Regina and Saskatoon, Zero 8 is a service that will get you and your car home in one piece. Two people will arrive to pick you up — one to drive you and your car home and the other to take the driver back to the office. The average cost for the service ranges between $38 and $50, which isn’t that much when you think about your morning after and how nice it will be to not have to go get your car. For those who like to plan ahead, you can even book in advance, which means no waiting around on busy nights (Note: NYE is pre-booked appointments only).

Saskatoon and area: 262-3308
Regina and area: 581-3008

Operation Red Nose

Similar to Zero 8, Operation Red Nose is a service that aims to get you and your car home as safely as possible. This service, which is part of a national organization, is run by volunteers and is only offered between November 25 and December 31. With this group, you’ll get three people taking you home: One volunteer drives your vehicle, a second volunteer navigates and a third volunteer follows in an escort vehicle to pick up the first two volunteers once they drop you off. What’s neat is that this service is free, although they do accept donations which in turn go towards local youth or amateur sport organizations. So in the end, you get to stay safe and do a little good for your community at the same time. Win/Win, right?

Prince Albert: 306-763-6673
The Battlefords: 306-446-7177 or 306-480-9876
Saskatoon: 639-480-6673
Regina: 306-949-2400

2016 Gift Guides for Those that Love to Play in the Snow

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be feeling like you’re running out of time to get all of your errands and shopping done! Don’t worry — FFUN is here to help! If you have someone on your list that loves to play in the snow on big sleds and snowmobiles, here’s a handy gift guide to take the guesswork out of your shopping chores.

A Helmet

It may seem boring, but a good quality helmet is worth its weight in gold. Not only will a helmet that has been approved by a standards organization help keep someone safe, but it will also help keep your noggin warm. Make sure to get one that has a good anti-fogging visor so visibility isn’t compromised.

Snowmobile Suit

A well-insulated and protective suit can be a real lifesaver while out riding. It will help keep you toasty warm, and keep the wind and moisture at bay while you’re ripping through the trees.

Moisture Wicking Base Layers

Smartwool or a similar fabric is great for base layers because it will help remove excess sweat and moisture. This means that the base layer not only helps to keep the rider extra warm but it will also help avoid any uncomfortable chafing.

The Snobunje

This little contraption is the rider’s best friend when stuck in the snow. The Snowbunje is available in two forms: The Rattler, which is designed with a hook, and the Cobra, which is designed with a handle. Both are designed to ensure that getting unstuck is as easy as can be so the rider can get back to having a blast.

Proper Gloves for Snowmobiling

If the snowmobiler in your life is using the same gloves they use for skiing, they need a new pair. The key is to have a pair of gloves that will keep your hands warm but are supple enough to allow the rider to feel sled feedback and respond appropriately.