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VW Centre of Saskatoon – 2019 Wolfsburg Crest Award Winner

At the FFUN Group, one of our core values is Driven to Grow. We are the reason for our success. We are great people who are excited about continuous growth and improvement through education and learning from our experiences. It’s a value that carries us to be better every day, but only truly is achieved […]

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Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy a Vehicle

After all the holidays are done, everyone begins eyeing up Spring. They bundle up in the house or take a trip to somewhere hot. No one thinks about buying a vehicle in the dead of winter. But you’re smarter than that. You think of that. And because you’re on the ball and are a deal […]

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So Your Car Didn’t Start, Now What

Record breaking cold across the prairies. We are in the heart of winter my friends, and it’s not the greatest. You know who else it sucks for though? Your poor little vehicle. Actually it sucks just as much for your jacked up truck. Vehicles weren’t really made to handle -50. Here in Western Canada, us […]

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