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Are you ready for anything?

Slippery conditions or snow-covered roads, reduced visibility and bitter cold; these are all factors that can make driving difficult. Winter especially is a dangerous season in our province. It brings an increased risk of getting stuck in your car, so dress warmly before heading out, and follow our tips to put together an emergency kit […]

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Safe Driving 101: A little bit of knowledge goes a long way

It’s incredibly easy to be distracted, or if you’ve been in an accident, to be extremely cautious when driving. Here are a couple of lists to keep in mind when you’re cruising down the roads. Things to remember when driving: Don’t rush through parking. Be consistent when braking and accelerating. Handle the curves in the […]

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BRAAAP Safety – Take precaution before you ride

      Fresh powder has just hit the hills, fields and mountains. You’re chomping at the bit to get out there on your Ski-Doo, and open ‘er up, and have a little fun. WAIT! FFUN Motor Group wants you to keep it safe out there. So please remember these ten safety tips from our […]

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