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Safe Driving 101: A little bit of knowledge goes a long way

It’s incredibly easy to be distracted, or if you’ve been in an accident, to be extremely cautious when driving. Here are a couple of lists to keep in mind when you’re cruising down the roads. Things to remember when driving: Don’t rush through parking. Be consistent when braking and accelerating. Handle the curves in the […]

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BRAAAP Safety – Take precaution before you ride

      Fresh powder has just hit the hills, fields and mountains. You’re chomping at the bit to get out there on your Ski-Doo, and open ‘er up, and have a little fun. WAIT! FFUN Motor Group wants you to keep it safe out there. So please remember these ten safety tips from our […]

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We did it, the Santa Fe is full!

We wanted to see how much food we could fit in a Santa Fe, and this week we found out! With the help of our family & friends at Saskatoon Hyundai, we stuffed that vehicle full of non-perishable staples for people in need. (Check out the photos below) Thank you very much to everyone who […]

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