Now that you’ve made the decision to ride, it’s time to choose a bike. Get smart and create a shortlist of what you like. Harley-Davidson has something for everyone.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t overestimate your ability – make sure you get a bike with as much power as you’ll be able to handle.
  • Consider your needs – Ask yourself “Am I going to be doing more city driving or more long distance driving?”
  • Choose a bike that fits your body – Try your bike on for size.
  • Price – Do you want a bike that’s new or used?

Rich Cote from Redline Harley-Davidson has some advice first-time riders, “Don’t focus on the engine size, buy a bike that fits and is comfortable. With experience you will move up to a bigger bike. The natural progression in Harley-Davidson would be Street/Sportster, then Dyna/Softail, then Touring bikes. However, some people may jump directly to Dyna/Softail because of physical size.


Another thing to keep in mind is bike part and rider slang. Here’s a list to get you started:

  1. Aftermarket – A general term for the parts made by a manufacturer other than Harley-Davidson.
  2. Ape Hanger – An elevated handlebar that raises the rider’s hands above the shoulders.
  3. Bagger – A common reference to Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles that come stock with touring luxuries (like saddle bags).
  4. Bar & Shield – The iconic Harley-Davidson logo.
  5. EVO – A nickname for the Harley-Davidson Evolution V-Twin engine.
  6. Giblets – The endless possibilities of chrome, gadgets and accessories that one can add to his/her Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
  7. Hugger – A type of sport bike with lowered suspension made to hug the road.
  8. Road Gator – Those scattered pieces of rubber left on the highway from truck tires that have been cheaply re-treaded.
  9. Slabbing It – Rushing a trip by taking the interstate as opposed to taking the scenic route, when you need to get from point A to point B quickly.

Now that you have your shortlist of what you want to ride, and you know the lingo, you’re all set to visit one of FFUN’s dealerships to pick up your bike!

Redline Harley-Davidson in Saskatoon

Harley-Davidson of Yorkton 

The Rock Harley-Davidson in Sudbury, Ontario