We are proud to announce that Redline Harley-Davidson has made it to the final 6 in the Ultimate Street Battle. The bike will travel to Montreal to be displayed at the Crescent Street Grand Prix Festival from June 4-6.  In order for Redline Harley-Davidson’s bike to be crowned King of the streets, we need your help. Please visit and vote. All of your votes will act as a 4th judge, so click on the link and help us get to the top!

Redline Harley-Davidson, generously gave Creative Kids a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to raffle off and raised $32,840. To put that into perspective that’s 82 kids that will now benefit from arts and culture programs around Saskatoon. These kids will now get the chance to learn to dance, play a musical instrument, discover art, join a theatre group or learn about their own culture. Redline will continue their efforts to raise as much money as possible for Creative Kids through their Ride for Kids Event coming up June 13 & 14. Click here to purchase a ticket.  Help us raise even more money for Creative Kids and meet Kim Coates!