Snowmobile safety is a year-round project that is supported by safety trainers, clubs, associations, enforcement officials, dealers and the manufacturers throughout the world.

You don’t need a special class of driver’s licence or an endorsement to operate a snowmobile or ATV, but in Saskatchewan you must:

  • hold a valid Class 1 to 5 driver’s licence
  • be at least 16 years old
  • take an approved safety course if you were born after Jan. 1, 1989

If you’re under 16 and/or have a Class 7 driver’s licence, you can only operate a snowmobile or ATV while either accompanied by someone who holds a Class 1 to 5 licence or supervised (within 5 m of and in view of) by someone on another machine that holds a Class 1 to 5 driver’s licence.

Since the inception of the Safe Riders! You make snowmobiling safe� safety campaign literally millions of pieces of information have been distributed, encouraging and insisting on safe snowmobiling behavior. The Safe Riders! DVD is used by safety trainers throughout the world. In addition to the DVD, radio and TV public service announcements are made reminding snowmobile enthusiasts of the need to snowmobile responsibly and safely. Also available are the Snowmobiling Fact Book, and Snowmobile Safety brochure.

The key issues of snowmobile safety are:

  • Snowmobiling and alcohol donâ��t mix: donâ��t drink and ride
  • Know before you go: always check local ice conditions
  • When night riding, slow down: always expect the unexpected
  • Ride safe, stay on the trail: always respect private property
  • Cross roads with care: donâ��t become road kill
  • Ride smart, ride right: always stay in control
  • One is the loneliest number: never ride alone

Know the risks and be prepared. Make every trip a round trip!