With the uncertainty of the road conditions in Saskatchewan’s winters, driving can be tough at times depending on the weather.

Winter conditions, plus the effects of extremely low temperatures, demand that a vehicle be in top condition. For this reason, a pre-winter check is a necessity, and in the end is less annoying and less costly than battery boosts, tows and being late. Give special attention to your heater and defroster.

As well as getting a tune-up and adding antifreeze to your radiator, you would be wise to have the following:

    • snow tires

block heater

electric battery blanket (especially with the new sealed batteries)

snow brush and scraper

gas line antifreeze

small snow shovel

set of traction mats

booster cables (+ know how to use them)

More Information about winter driving can be found at SGI’s Winter Driving Tips.

If you have already been bitten by the ice, visit FFUN Collision Centres and talk to our friendly staff about getting your vehicle back into shape. We are an SGI ELITE Accredited repair shop. Visit us online at