Buying a new snowmobile helmet for your Ski-doo® or other brand of snowmobile can be a tough challenge since there are so many options to choose from and factors to consider. Try not to get overwhelmed with the snowmobile helmet selection process. You can’t really go wrong since snowmobile helmets are built so well these days, but be sure to look for a safety approved snowmobile helmet and be sure to ask the salesperson for his or her thoughts on the different snowmobile helmets you are considering. Keep in mind how you ride. Choose the best snowmobile helmet that fits your riding style and your budget.

As is often the case, the best place to start the process of selecting a new snowmobile helmet is to ask yourself what type of snow riding you will be doing since different types of snowmobile riding benefit from different kinds of helmets.

Cross country trail riding, high speed snowmobiling, open air country snow driving, and snowmobiling in super cold temperatures all point to a full face snowmobile helmet to keep the wind and cold away from your head, neck, and body.

Extreme snowmobile riding, snowcross competitions, off trail riding, boondocking, and back country snow navigation will benefit from the open face MX style snowmobile helmet options since you need the enhanced visibility offered by the open face.




Types of Riding:
  • Snowmobiling in frigid temperatures
  • High speed snowmobiling
  • Cross country trail riding
  • Open air country snow driving
Types of Riding:
  • Back country snow navigation
  • Snowcross competitions
  • Off trail riding
  • Extreme snowmobile riding
  • Boondocking
  • Full face wind protection helps you stay warm and dry
  • Safe, simple design with mid-range affordability when compared to the other types of snowmobile helmets
  • Convenient flip front face makes it simple to put helmet on and to remove your snowmobile helmet
  • Some modular full face snowmobile helmets come equipped with flip down sun visors to help keep the sun out of your eyes
  • Convenient for snow machine riders who wear glasses underneath their snowmobile helmet
  • Excellent visibility due to large front face opening
  • Goggles can easily be removed and adjusted if they fog up or get dirty while you are plowing through the powder
  • If you also ride a MX dirt bike you might be able to retrofit your dirt bike helmet for snowmobiling
  • Less visibility than the snowcross style open face snowmobile helmet
  • Less protection from the elements versus the full face versions since the full open front face provides places for the wind and snow to enter
  • Must purchase goggles also due to the open face style of these snowmobile helmets
  • Normally the most expensive open, especially since you need to purchase a set of goggles to go with the helmet
  • Must pay special attention of features such as the breath box and the chin curtain to ensure that the wind and snow will stay out of your helmet

Feel free to visit one of our FFUN Motor Sports locations and talk to our knowledgeable staff about what helmet will work best for you!