Receptionist Day is celebrated today, the second Wednesday in May.

Don’t confuse Receptionist Day for Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary’s Day. Receptionists, this is your day! Okay, maybe it’s not a day off. But, it’s a day to recognize and appreciate all the things that you do!

The purpose of Receptionists Day is two-fold. First, of all it gives recognition to receptionists. After all, they are the first person your customers see when they walk through the door of your company. The great first impression is molded in large part thanks to your smiling, cheerful receptionist.

The second reason for Receptionist Day is to promote pride and professionalism in the position.

On this day, treat your receptionist with flowers, candy, or a lunch!

Note: There is also a “Receptionist Week.” It is celebrated the Second week of May.