It happens every year, sneaking up on you when you aren’t paying attention. It creeps into your calendar when you’re off having fun in the summer sun.

It’s back to school season!

For some parents, it’s a time of worry and for others it’s a time of pride and for a few, it’s a nice break from the madness that summer brings. For everyone else though, it’s a time for diligent driving to ensure everyone stays safe as they get to and from school. Here’s some things to remember:

Pay Attention to School Zones

Did you know the speed limits listed in schools zones are not random? They are designated to ensure both motorists and pedestrians have more time to react. Not to mention that travelling 30 km/h for one to two blocks only adds about 12 seconds. Which is nothing, right?

Be Alert

Along with following the posted speeds in school zones, you have to be alert while driving through them. Kids, if they’re late or excited, might make quick decisions and dart out into traffic without looking both ways. If you’re keeping your eyes open and looking out for the unexpected, disaster can be avoided.

Keep an Eye Out for Kids on Bikes

These days a lot of kids are looking for fun ways to keep active. And, while the weather is nice, one way is to ride their bike to school. The problem is that kids don’t always pay attention to the world around them at all times, which means that job falls to you. Make sure to keep an eye out for tykes on bikes, especially when you’re pulling out from your driveway.

Be Wary of School Buses

A school bus makes frequent stops to pick up or drop off its passengers. When it does this keep an eye out for kids that may have to cross the street, and in front of you, to get to their destination. When a school bus stop, you should probably stop, too. If you can, it may be best to avoid the school bus loading zones all together.