With winter on it’s way (or having already arrived, depending on where you live), it’s time to start thinking about your winter holidays. While warm weather and surf may be an alluring vacation idea, don’t knock a good day of snow and sunshine. In fact, with Canadians buying nearly one-third of the 151,000 snowmobiles sold in 2015, it’s pretty clear that a week off to go sledding is a winter vacation worth trying out.

Whether you’re thinking of trying it for this first time this winter or if you are a seasoned rider, here’s six of our favourite places to sled in Canada.

Valemont, BC

This place has a ton of groomed trails that are maintained by an active local snowmobiling club, which means you can get out without having to worry about tresspassing on someone else’s property. In Valemont, you’ll get access to a variety of terrain and trails that are chock full of beautiful scenery and guaranteed good times.

Kootenay Rockies, BC

With an annual average snowfall ranging between 1.7 and 8.6 ft over the winter months, these mountain trails are sure to give riders of all skill levels the powder they’re looking for. The area offers a large network of groomed alpine trails and some spectacular views.

Hudson Bay, SK

These groomed trails found around this remote Saskatchewan community are known as some of the best in the province. Hilly forest terrain provides sledders some great riding through amazingly snowy conditions on trails that are well maintained by local enthusiasts and club members. There’s even some great places to stop and warm up along the way.

Newfoundland & Labrador

This Atlantic province offers a huge trail system that includes backcountry and mountain rides. Groomed trails are found across the province, letting you could ride along the coast one day and into the Long Range Mountains the next day. Plus, for those extreme riders, make sure you check out Cain’s Quest — the world’s longest and toughest snowmobile endurance race, which is hosted in Labrador.

Algoma Country, ON

Tucked into Canada’s classic northern Ontario landscape, this boreal terrain is as much about the eye-candy as it is the ride. Here you’ll find a number of maintained trails such as the North Shore Loop, which is about 400 KM of scenic trails and rugged terrain just north of Lake Huron.

Athabasca, AB

Running along Alberta’s longest river are some of the best trails in the province. Terrain runs from river valley to boreal forest, ensuring that every outdoor enthusiast finds a little slice of heaven along the way. And to help you warm your toes while riding the 300 KM of groomed, make sure to take a break at one of the warm up spots or cabins along the way.