The 2017 Acura NSX is the supercar your inner-kid never knew it wanted. Blending the latest technology with the grit of a classic sports car, this NSX can wind through lazy country towns and tear up the open road.

With a 3.5-liter, V-6 mid-engine that holds 573 horsepower under the hood and 476-lb-ft torque at its disposal, this new NSX can go from zero to 60 almost as fast as you can blink. And, along with a healthy growl that you can feel deep in your guts, this car is known to hit 191 mph on the open road (that’s more than 300 kph). And while going fast is key, this car features a hybrid powertrain meaning this supercar can also take you through your day-to-day life without disturbing the neighbours.

Much like its earlier version, the 2017 NSX features an aluminum body (mostly, although other metals have been added in certain places), but this model has perfected a sense of balance in both the front and the rear. That means that with the right set of tires, this car may even manage snow and sleet relatively well.

While still contending with supercars like Ferrari, the 2017 NSX is designed to increase the drivability while still maintaining the essence of a car that can fit on the racetrack. This means that this new model features an interior that is enjoyable to sit in. A plethora of details, including seats that hug you and a nearly seamless steering wheel, make for a comfortable ride.

This ride is fast, crispy and surprisingly practical. If you want to check it out, make sure you head to Acura Centre of Saskatoon to check out the NSX on the showroom floor. Even just looking at it will make your day, we promise.