With the sledding season just around the corner (or a few months late, depending on your perspective), it’s time to pull out your winter toy and make sure she can withstand another season. Just like your car, there are a lot of parts that need checking to make sure your snowmobile is ready for winter. And while we recommend bringing it into one of the pros at our sports shops, here are a few things you can do in your own garage:

Flush ’er out

If you added stabilizer at the end of the previous season, any gas left over should still be good, but make sure you double check.

If you suspect it’s gone bad, make sure you flush the fuel tank and then refill it with the level of gas recommended by the manufacturer. You should probably check the other fluids and top them up where need be as well.

Keep it on track

Make sure the track meets the tension requirements, which should be listed in your user’s manual. While you’re there, make sure it’s clean and good to go. When you’re giving the track the once-over, make sure you touch every lug. A season of wild rides could have loosened something and you may need to replace these very important parts before you can do it all over again.

Check the suspension & shocks

You need to make sure that these are orientated properly, clean, and leak free. This will help ensure your first ride is a smooth and safe ride. Any leaks or added moisture can cause things to freeze and lead to component failures, which is really going to suck when you’re on the side of a mountain.

When in doubt

There’s a lot going on in the sled and sometimes it’s best to take it to the professionals. One of our motor sports specialists would be happy to help you winterize your sled. That means that all you have to do is pray to the Gods for some snow.