Going for a tour on your motorcycle is a great experience that is for many a completely addictive adventure. If you’ve got one of those people in your life, here’s a handy little gift guide to help make their next outing a great one.

Neck Warmer

These come in handy because they can keep the wind and cold off your neck, and also help to keep debris out of your coat. There are various brands you can buy, but make sure to get one that is lightweight and dries quickly.

Thermal Underwear

If the person you’re shopping for likes to be the first out in the season and the last on the road before winter, thermal underwear can come in handy. Make sure to get some that are made of a lightweight wool that will wick moisture away to keep things toasty and warm. And don’t forget the socks! There are a lot of different kinds of waterproof and thermal socks that will help keep those toes warm.

Warm jacket with reflective materials

These are ones similar to what outdoor workers wear in the winter. While they may not be the most fashionable things to wear, the safety factor is worth it — it ups the visibility, help breaks the wind and keeps things warm.

GoPro Camera

This can be a handy little add-on to their adventure, allowing the rider to keep both hands on the bike while still capturing memories and committing them to video. It also means the rider can come home and share their adventure with friends and family.

Motorcycle Maps

Yes, with today’s technology it seems counter-intuitive to be buying maps, but sometimes when you’re out on the open road the technology doesn’t work so having a map can be a lifesaver. Look for ones that are tear-resistant and include features that will pair with your technology (like GPS coordinates).