At FFUN Motor Group, we want to make sure that all of our friends and family have a safe and happy holiday. So if you’re out celebrating the holidays and have had a bit too much cheer, play it safe and leave the car where it is. There’s always an option for getting home in one piece. Here are some options for you:

Take a Taxi

Lots of people complain about the price of a cab these days, and yeah, sometimes it can get costly. But really, when you stop to think about it, what price would you put on your life? A few extra bucks to make sure you make it home without a scratch is totally worth it.

Zero 8

Found in both Regina and Saskatoon, Zero 8 is a service that will get you and your car home in one piece. Two people will arrive to pick you up — one to drive you and your car home and the other to take the driver back to the office. The average cost for the service ranges between $38 and $50, which isn’t that much when you think about your morning after and how nice it will be to not have to go get your car. For those who like to plan ahead, you can even book in advance, which means no waiting around on busy nights (Note: NYE is pre-booked appointments only).

Saskatoon and area: 262-3308
Regina and area: 581-3008

Operation Red Nose

Similar to Zero 8, Operation Red Nose is a service that aims to get you and your car home as safely as possible. This service, which is part of a national organization, is run by volunteers and is only offered between November 25 and December 31. With this group, you’ll get three people taking you home: One volunteer drives your vehicle, a second volunteer navigates and a third volunteer follows in an escort vehicle to pick up the first two volunteers once they drop you off. What’s neat is that this service is free, although they do accept donations which in turn go towards local youth or amateur sport organizations. So in the end, you get to stay safe and do a little good for your community at the same time. Win/Win, right?

Prince Albert: 306-763-6673
The Battlefords: 306-446-7177 or 306-480-9876
Saskatoon: 639-480-6673
Regina: 306-949-2400