Along with going to the gym more frequently and eating more vegetables, we are going to challenge you to make a resolution about how you take care of your car. There are several achievable habits you can form that will help keep your car on the road for a longer time, help reduce your carbon footprint, and ensure every road trip is a great one.

Keep it Clean, Keep it Tidy

Keeping your car’s interior clean will help increase resale value. For many, however, this is a challenging task. The trick is to make it less daunting by ensuring there is a place for garbage, keeping wipes in the vehicle, and scheduling a half-hour each week to clean out the car. It’s also good to get in the habit of cleaning out the trunk once per season and to stop lugging around out-of-season sporting gear — or other items that are weighing you down. By removing that extra weight, you’re also gaining back some fuel economy.

Schedule Your Check-ups

Just like going to see the dentist, your car needs to see a mechanic on a regular basis. A mechanic knows what to look for and can identify any problems before they become major issues. Plus, it’s good to get your oil changed and your tires rotated twice a year. If scheduling these check-ups is something you struggle with, do it in one swoop. Call your mechanic and make the appointments now, add them into your calendar, and it’s done.

Try Being More Patient on the Road

Road rage is an awful thing and doesn’t help a single situation on the road. In fact, the more stressed out you are the more likely you are to be involved in an accident. So do your best to avoid putting yourself in the situation where you’re going to get mad behind the wheel. Leave a few minutes early to avoid feeling rushed and try listening to something that calms you down.